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Kim Martin

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Kim Martin is available to speak at lifestyle shows, conferences, staff lunch and learns, health expos, church groups, and retreats. Kim speaks on various topics that will motivate, equip, and inspire you to successfully achieve your healthy lifestyle goals or any goal you would like to achieve. She is full of energy and loves to motivate and teach. Regardless of which topic you choose, your audience will leave determined, inspired, and equipped to achieve success.



If you’ve ever “dieted” in the past, you’ve probably heard the word metabolism. Although we may be familiar with the word, it is still somewhat of a mystery. Do we really know what our metabolism is, what determines it, or if we can even change it? What is your BMR? Get motivated and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Kim will share on this topic and give us the real “skinny” on Metabolism! You will leave feeling free from fad diets, and empowered by understanding the truth.



How many times have you wanted to change something about yourself or your life? How many times have you “tried” without success? Do you struggle with motivation or finding the resources you need to follow through with the goals you’ve set for yourself? It’s time to decide! When you make a firm decision, put a stake in the ground things start to shift in your favor. When you decide, your mindset and thought process change. Kim will teach you her 6 step plan designed to teach you how to live with a decided mindset.



Just use more power! In order to have more energy, we need to understand what gives us energy and what takes it away. This highly energetic presentation will teach you how to balance the things that zap you and the things that fill you up. Find out what the #1 energy sucker is and how to kick it to the curb. Finally, get your to do list done and live with energy to do the things you need and want to do.

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Kim Martin