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Are you Counting on Luck?

You can change your luck today (even if you’re not Irish) by changing your choices.

As a healthy lifestyle coach for over 20 years, you would not believe how many times someone has said to me, “You’re so lucky you don’t struggle with weight.”  What? I think to myself…Luck?!  If only they knew, they would never say luck.  But, you know what’s funny?  I use to say that too when I struggled with being overweight and weighed 211 pounds. I would see someone who was a healthy weight, and think, wow, they are so lucky!

I use the weight as an example, but I believe we are all guilty at some point of labeling others and even ourselves sometimes as “lucky” when luck has nothing to do with it. We see someone who has a beautiful home and say, “they are so lucky.” A great couple has the best marriage compared to your own, and that voice in your head immediately says, “They are so lucky”.  We watch an athlete take home first place, and immediately our thought is, aren’t they lucky?

The truth; Luck has nothing to do with it.

Luck is defined as something happening by mere chance. You buy a lottery ticket and by the chance of 1 in a trillion, you win. Or, you just happen to find the last item on the rack with a price of only $1. Now, that is luck! Luck is mere chance and chance is a possibility.

I know there are always exceptions to the rule, but 99% of the time it’s our choices which produce the outcome. It can be the choice of how you respond to something or the choice of your action. But, it is almost always a choice.

The word choice means; the opportunity or power to make a decision, and decision means; a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.

Luck is chance and choice is a decision.

It is not luck that I am a healthy weight now. I wake up and run 4 times per week, I practice discipline in my eating, and it’s HARD. The person who has the beautiful home…They worked hard and studied for years to get that great job they dreamed of. While their friends were choosing parties, they were studying and working…It was HARD. The couple who has an amazing marriage, they almost divorced 20 years ago. They went to counseling, stuck it out, and worked through their issues to get to where they are today…It was HARD. The athlete who won first place…They are up every morning at 5am working on their game while we sleep. It’s not luck.

We are in a constant state of making choices. Every single day, and all day, a choice must be made.

Your life is not a chance, it matters. Your success is not a matter of luck; it’s a matter of choices. If you’ve been counting on luck, you can change your luck today by changing your choices!

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Kim Martin