Stay Focused Friday!

Do You Have the Winning Qualities of a Person with Integrity?


Winners have integrity.

Integrity:  Simply doing what you say you’re going to do; to others and yourself!

Do you have the winning qualities of a person with integrity?


You talk the talk but do you walk the walk? Look at how you’re doing compared to these 4 characteristics of people who have integrity. 

#1 Truthful:  Truthful and honest people stand up for beliefs no matter what. They are trustworthy and make decisions based off firmly held morals and not for popularity.

#2 Authentic:  Authentic people are self-reflective and transparent. They behave consistently whether with others or alone.

#3 Loyal: Loyal people rarely break their commitments and are considerate of others. They are grateful and value their relationships.

#4 Kind: Kind people give compliments when deserved. They are good listeners and think before they speak. They practice good manners and are generous in their giving.

Ask yourself this question:

Do your actions match your talk?

Decide today to be a person who’s actions match their talk; a person of integrity! #LiveDecided

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Kim Martin