Stay Focused Friday!

Are you an ah-ha seeker?

When is the last time you heard or read something that ignited a spark in your soul and motivated you to act, or gave you enough energy to restart on a goal or dream? Has it been a while? If you’re like most of us, it probably has. That’s OK, don’t beat yourself up! In the day to day daunting task and business of our lives, most of us don’t seek out new information, revelations, or what I call ah-ha moments. We’re happy to make it through the day doing what needs to be done.

Just for a moment, imagine what your life would be like if you started each day with fresh eyes, and a decided mindset to search out new information or revelations every single day. Sound impossible? It’s not! It simply takes your willingness to be open to every opportunity that presents itself to you, and for you to walk in awareness that there are new things, new ideas, new people, and new possibilities all around you. If you are willing to do this, you would be what we like to call at I’ve Decided an ah-ha seeker; A person looking for new ways to do or see things daily.

Sound intriguing? I hope so, and if you’re ready, here are a few ideas to help you get started as an ah-ha seeker:

  • Tag along! The next time someone ask you to join them for an event you’re not too excited about, go anyway. The person you need to meet for a new idea or the person who may have some information you need could be there.
  • Sign up! When the opportunity knocks for a workshop, seminar, or conference you don’t think you could learn anything from, sign up anyway. You can always learn more, and the best revelations always come when we’re learning more about a subject we’re already an expert in.
  • Take the call! Oh no, the sales department or marketing department from a company who wants you to buy something or advertise with them is calling again. Instead of avoiding the conversation, take the call. You may learn something you had no idea about what they’re doing that could be beneficial to you.
  • Say yes! Your fellow co-workers always go to lunch at a place you don’t enjoy at all, and so you always say no thanks to the invite. Decide to say yes the next time you’re invited. The best ah-ha moments are those unexpected times when you lease expect it.

Every day seek opportunities that make the light bulbs go off in your head, make your heart skip a beat, and gives you that tinge of excitement. When you do this, you will put yourself in situations on a regular basis to experience those moments when you learn something you already know, but now you’ve heard or seen it in a different way. A way in which it now makes sense as to how it can relate to your life and your success. A way that makes you say, “Ah-ha, I got it!”

Here at I’ve Decided, it is our purpose to help you achieve your goals and dreams. We believe you need to have those revelations or ah-ha moments on a regular basis to keep that flame burning within you so you can be successful. Decide now to live a life seeking opportunities to try something out of your daily routine, or comfort zone. Decide today to be an ah-ha seeker!

Kim Martin