Be Thankful Thursday!

Take the gym outside!

Listen in to the I’ve Decided Radio Show with my guests Michael Helgeson our I’ve Decided to Run 2018 trainer who put together a schedule to prepare you to run your first 5K! and Heather Fitzanko our I’ve Decided to Ride 2018 Cycling trainer and lead coach who will be preparing you to ride 20, […]

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Knowing your Purpose in Life!

  Wouldn’t you love to know your purpose in life? My guest Pastor Chuck Tate and I have an amazing discussion on knowing your purpose that aired on Easter Sunday Morning. You can listen into the I’ve Decided Radio Show every Sunday morning at 8 am on SuperHits 102.7 or 1290 WIRL. Amazing People who make a difference […]

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Take Your Gym Outside!

Have you ever thought about running your first 5K or trying an out door sport like cycling? My experts on Healthy U today, Michael Helgeson and Heather Fitzanko will share their experiences of why they take the gym outside!

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Joy to the World!

When I decided to pursue joy instead of happiness, my life changed! You may wonder, what’s the difference? Actually, there is a profound difference. Happiness is the emotion of things that happen by chance. It is the emotion that follows something perceived to be good. For example, I get a good report from the doctor, […]

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Are you Counting on Luck?

You can change your luck today (even if you’re not Irish) by changing your choices. As a healthy lifestyle coach for over 20 years, you would not believe how many times someone has said to me, “You’re so lucky you don’t struggle with weight.”  What? I think to myself…Luck?!  If only they knew, they would […]

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Kim Martin